Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1,000 Credit Boosting - Good to 6AM Tonight!

Coutosey of Thegamingguru65:

I took a Glitch I found then combined it with my own little twist ...
Today theres a daily challenge called
"The Little Guys" worth 1000 cr ...Which is kill 200 grunts in campaign ...

Your going to want to go Oni: Sword Base at the mission start
Follow the vid and goto where you get the artillery thing is ..

1)Next what you want to do is kill upto 199/200 grunts .. then save and quit ..
2)Then Load up the mission again goto the same place and pick up the artillery thing ..
3)Now when You get a checkpoint call the airstrike in .
4)You should recieve the challenge ..
5)Now unplug your ethernet just after you get it ...
6)Then Plug it back in when it says disconnected from "xbox Live" and connect to xbox live ..The challenge will now not be unlocked ..
then just revert to last save and repeat steps 3-6...
however much you need ...

Hope this helps and use cautiously...


After boosting to 180k i got an Online credit limit reached ..?


  1. Wowww so many glitches already smh

  2. Damn didn't know you could do this, thanks for sharing

  3. Interesting, will show my friends who play Halo.

  4. IM getting the game soon, thanks for the video

  5. Nice, I'm going to try this now.

  6. wow i might actually try this... i was just thinking of ways to get Cr.

  7. Never likes Halo but this one looks fucking badass. Also the song in the video is straight gold, BB ftw. Keep it pwned bro.

  8. man I traded in my Xbox 360 for a PS3 and never looked back, the Halo series always keeps me wishing a had one though.

  9. OMG, some people must be laughing they Ass off xDDD, but thank you for this tip!

  10. didnt even know this game was out lol

  11. Strange that a shooter can earn so high scores : /

  12. Holy crap, that really is some awesome stuff. Good job!

  13. damn looks like it works pretty well thanks for the video!