Thursday, September 23, 2010

2,500 Credit Boosting - Good to 6AM Tonight!

For all of those that didn't see the other Credit Boosting post you can ither scroll down r go here:

But for those of you that are lazy here it is again:

Your going to want to go Oni: Sword Base at the mission start
Follow the vid and goto where you get the artillery thing is ..

1)Next what you want to do is kill upto 249/250 grunts .. then save and quit ..
2)Then Load up the mission again goto the same place and pick up the artillery thing ..
3)Now when You get a checkpoint call the airstrike in .
4)You should recieve the challenge ..
5)Now unplug your ethernet just after you get it ...
6)Then Plug it back in when it says disconnected from "xbox Live" and connect to xbox live ..The challenge will now not be unlocked ..
then just revert to last save and repeat steps 3-6...
however much you need ...

Hope this helps and use cautiously...


  1. Not a fan of the halo series, but still cool blog bro :D

  2. well that will make things a lot easier.

  3. haha I wonder if people were punished for this yet

  4. Haha looks like that games achievements mean nothing now.

  5. I played Halo 3 one time. It was whatever.

  6. i fucking hate halo and all its fans...except OP

  7. cool post bro!
    check both my blogs are interesting! ;)
    suppin can u rtrn pls?

  8. Not my cup of tea, but thanks for the read. Looking forward to more. :D

  9. woah!
    you like halo reach?

    check out my blogs to.

  10. Oh awesome, there's already exploits out for Reach? Win. :D