Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GotD - Halo: Reach - Crazy Arms

GotD, or Glitch of the Day, is a new thing we are doing. I found this blog is just about 100% Halo: Reach content, which is fine but wasn't my original intent. The reason this is, is because I have been playing it for the better part of this month. So, to help get more NON-Reach content I will be posting more information on future games, glitches, XboxLive/PSN news, and any other thing I find important/interesting.

Now I present the GotD:

Watch video and replicate what they do, OR go to the video description, sign up for their stupid forum, and then read the tutorial THERE.


  1. haha looks like he's about to dance. and what's up with all of these glitches?!

  2. Reminded me of newest Inbetweeners with Will's crazy arms haha!

  3. followin 'n' supportin bro :)

    check also this to find new interesting blogs to luv daily

  4. Love the fire in the head xDDDD, so many glitches in this game!!

  5. Unintentional consequences are the best part of new games lol, bugs ftw

  6. Oeh, I am definitely going to follow your blog seeing as I just got Halo Reach yesterday :D