Monday, September 20, 2010

Halo Movie in 2012?

IMDB Link:

Plot Summary:
After they crash-land on an artificial ring-world called "Halo", a navy captain, his surviving marines, and a chemically-and-surgically-enhanced super soldier named John, Spartan 117 "Master Chief" must find out what the Covenant, the genocidal alien race they are at war with, are looking for on the ring. However, when the Master chief finds out their plan, it was something that they did not expect. The covenant and the human are not alone on halo.

I for sure thought the first thing to be made into a movie would have been Halo: Reach. It has character deaths, secret labs, everything is more rugged, also it involves places that look more like earth than any other Halo plug.

Lets see how this one plays out


  1. Shit would be soooo cash!

  2. Please for the love of all that is good and yummy, No.

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  4. buhuhhuh please... no. I have a feeling this would be a huge shame to Halo.


  5. I hope not...I wish it would come out like in 2015 or something, so they could take their sweet time to finish it. it better be perfect

  6. nice, hope its legit!

    check this,

  7. Cant wait for a Halo game on the PS3