Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halo: Reach - Challenges 9/29/2010 - Pro-Tips!

Halo: Reach - Challenges 9/29/2010 - Pro-Tips!

Alright well before I go to school I already completed all of these challenges. Ran through the first campaign mission on heroic with tilt, boring BUT pretty easy-mode.

Now I was confused as to how the best way to get the MutliKills was. You have to get both the 5 mutlikills and the 7 multikills in the same game so if the game ends and you had 4/5... its back to 0/5 next game.

I tried doing invasion and getting double sticky nade kills while using overshield and while that did work it wasnt doing it quick enough for me to get all the mutlikills before the match was over.

So here the ProTip!

ProTip for Halo: Reach - Challenges 9/29/2010 - Pro-Tips! :
1) Go to Rumblepit
2) Vote for Invasion
3) Be on human side
4) Use Magnum to get Headshots

You'll rack up mutlikills like crazy. All you need is to get a few double kills under your belt and get some triple/overkills to make it go by faster. I got all of these challenges done in under 1 hour.

Happy Hunting fella's and gal's!